e_Sill® E-Book Stand

Designed to hold all types of tablets and E-Books

Here are a just a few ways you'll find yourself using the e_Sill:

- While you video conference
- While you watch a movie
- When you use your tablet as an alarm clock
- To prop up your smartphone while typing at our computer?
- How about while eating dinner
- While you're drinking a cappuccino at your local coffee shop

e_Sill® Cellphone Stand

The perfect companion to your smartphone

Both will finds hundreds of uses around the home and office, and it's neat folding design means you can take with you - wherever you go.

Made in the USA

If you need yet another reason to buy an e_Sill; they are made in the USA and are recyclable.

Help support US jobs, the US economy and the environment.

Meet e-Sill

It’s a revolution for Smartphone, Tablet and E-Book users

It’s easy on the eye, on your pocket and on your device

The e-Sill is a hands-free stand for smartphones or any other electronic device you want to prop up.
E-Sill was conceived and developed by smartphone users who recognized the need for a hands-free way of viewing and interacting with their smartphone; something that you could take with you on-the-go



E-Sill loves to travel. It easily collapses and fits in your pocket, purse or pack. Take it with you to work, to the coffee shop; anywhere you go with your smartphone. And when you get there, it just as easily expands, ready to support your smartphone.

You don’t want to have to take it to work with you every day? No problem.
E-Sill is inexpensive. Get an e-Sill for wherever you take your smartphone; one for work, one for your home office, one for the bedroom, anywhere you set your smartphone. And they make great gifts and company giveaways, too. Click here for corporate sales information.


Not only is e-Sill easy on your budget, it’s easy on your eyes, too!
If it’s sitting beside you as you work or eat, the e-Sill can be easily inclined so that the smartphone screen faces up towards you. Or adjust it more upright to see the screen from across the room or while lying in bed. E-Sill adjusts to your best viewing angle.

With its sleek modern design, e-Sill looks good no matter where you put it. E-Sill is currently available in white but will soon be available in black and a multitude of cool colors.

e-Sills are made in the USA so by buying and helping to support US jobs and the US economy.

Made in the USA
e-Sills are made in the USA so by buying and
helping to support US jobs and the US economy.


Recyclable materialsEco -Friendly
The materials used to make the e-Sill were carefully chosen
with the environment in mind and are recyclable.


Dozens of Designs to choose from…
Check out the store and see the many designs already available. The special material used is printable this makes it ideal for clubs, businesses and other groups to have their own designs. See the Corporate Opportunities

See how easy it is to set up your e-Sill

Introducing e_Sill® – a revolution for Smartphone, Tablet and E-Book users

Announcing the NEW e_Sills®

- Easy on your eyes
- Easy on your device
- Easy on your budget
- Easy on the environment

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