e_Sill® E-Book Stand

Designed to hold all types of tablets and E-Books

Here are a just a few ways you'll find yourself using the e_Sill:

- While you video conference
- While you watch a movie
- When you use your tablet as an alarm clock
- To prop up your smartphone while typing at our computer?
- How about while eating dinner
- While you're drinking a cappuccino at your local coffee shop

e_Sill® Cellphone Stand

The perfect companion to your smartphone

Both will finds hundreds of uses around the home and office, and it's neat folding design means you can take with you - wherever you go.

Made in the USA

If you need yet another reason to buy an e_Sill; they are made in the USA and are recyclable.

Help support US jobs, the US economy and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in Europe how can I get an eSill?

Yes, and as a backer on Kickstarter, we will give you a special non-disclosure grant as any business investor would, so you might be the only person that CAN receive an e_Sill in your whole country. But as soon as we can afford patents we will be allowed to sell around the world. Hence, how critical our need for funds.

Why do you manufacture in the United States?

People ask us this all the time. Because, we decided that supporting our home economy first would be most important and appropriate now, and then, manufacture elsewhere when we are capable of the patent and trade costs. We talked to manufacturers in Taiwan and China and found we would lose too much control in quality and speed of manufacturing. We want to work closely with the plant to make sure the quality and the designs are perfect. That means being there with the people making our product and helping the process. So in the future we plan to manufacture everywhere we sell the e_Sill taking jobs and commerce to more who need it.

Will the eSill hold my device safely?

The e_Sill for smartphones can hold a device easily twice the weight and even more for the largest phones sold, and, the e_Sill for pad computers and e-readers was tested with the largest devices made including their skin or case, and are designed to be just as strong and secure. e_Sills are many times stronger than they look, due to super strong materials and an innovative and unique engineering design.

Are eSills easy to use?

Yes! Once you see the instructions and videos you see the e_Sill virtually opens in one motion, and closes just as easy. After doing it once or twice you'll be a pro.

Introducing e_Sill® – a revolution for Smartphone, Tablet and E-Book users

Announcing the NEW e_Sills®

- Easy on your eyes
- Easy on your device
- Easy on your budget
- Easy on the environment

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