e_Sill® E-Book Stand

Designed to hold all types of tablets and E-Books

Here are a just a few ways you'll find yourself using the e_Sill:

- While you video conference
- While you watch a movie
- When you use your tablet as an alarm clock
- To prop up your smartphone while typing at our computer?
- How about while eating dinner
- While you're drinking a cappuccino at your local coffee shop

e_Sill® Cellphone Stand

The perfect companion to your smartphone

Both will finds hundreds of uses around the home and office, and it's neat folding design means you can take with you - wherever you go.

Made in the USA

If you need yet another reason to buy an e_Sill; they are made in the USA and are recyclable.

Help support US jobs, the US economy and the environment.

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Press Release 11-2011

For Immediate Release

Pliant Designs the e_Sill

The Smartphone/Pad/eBook Stand that is Affordable,
Portable, Flexible, Adjustable and Recyclable.

Fremont, November 1, 2011 — The e_Sill is the simple and elegant answer to the consumers need for a versatile and inexpensive stand for Smartphones, Pad Computers, EBook Readers and more. e_Sill solves a most common problem when using these and other devices at home, school, the office, or on the go; allowing smartphone and device users the convenience to view their phone or pad screen, and, interact with their device hands-free. e_Sills are flexible and super light-weight, portable, and yet deceivingly strong due to an innovative design. They come in two sizes, one for Smartphones (only 27 Grams!) and the larger model for Pad Computers, (only 106 Grams!). Each is available in many colors and printed patterns. e_Sills are adjustable so you can view the screen at a comfortable ergonomic angle while sitting at a desk or on the sand at the beach or that tiny table at your favorite coffee shop. Just pull it out and slide it open. e_Sill is easy & convenient.

The e_Sill is made from a #2 recyclable plastic so it doesn’t contribute to e-waste, yet it’s so strong and durable, that of hundreds tested and used, no one has had to throw one into the recycle bin yet! The e_Sill is also perfect for specialty advertising to be imprinted with company logos or art. e_Sill is a perfect gift for anyone in a connected on-the-go society.

Answering the call for American innovation to help grow our economy, e_Sill is made in the United States, with U.S. Labor, using materials that are also made domestically to strict EPA standards, while still remaining friendly to consumers, personal economy, and the environment.

Funding the perfect stand for the connected & conscientious netizen
Even with a perfect product, Pliant Designs is seeking funding at; through the  new growing trend of “Crowdfunding” See the new Kickstarter project at:

Or, go to their
website at: for a link.

Inventors, Garret Moore and Don Livingston are artists and designers, that saw a need for such a device stand that was portable, adjustable, yet easy to manufacture, and over two years, invented the e_Sill, a great stand that they and other e_Sill owners use many times daily, at home, the office, traveling or wherever they go. The story, HR art, video and details are available for press


E_Sill and e-Sill are trademarks of Garret Moore and Don Livingston. in the United States and/or other countries.
The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information, press only:
Garret Moore 510 796-7773

Introducing e_Sill® – a revolution for Smartphone, Tablet and E-Book users

Announcing the NEW e_Sills®

- Easy on your eyes
- Easy on your device
- Easy on your budget
- Easy on the environment

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