e_Sill® E-Book Stand

Designed to hold all types of tablets and E-Books

Here are a just a few ways you'll find yourself using the e_Sill:

- While you video conference
- While you watch a movie
- When you use your tablet as an alarm clock
- To prop up your smartphone while typing at our computer?
- How about while eating dinner
- While you're drinking a cappuccino at your local coffee shop

e_Sill® Cellphone Stand

The perfect companion to your smartphone

Both will finds hundreds of uses around the home and office, and it's neat folding design means you can take with you - wherever you go.

Made in the USA

If you need yet another reason to buy an e_Sill; they are made in the USA and are recyclable.

Help support US jobs, the US economy and the environment.

About Us

Pliant Designs

Innovation with Creativity

Pliant Designs is a team of creative techies who have a thing about keeping the earth ‘green’.

We love technology we all have smart phones and now we have the holder for them, which we want to share with you.

When the E-Sill first started taking shape it was always in our minds to make it ‘green’ so its designed to be recyclable. Finding the right material, the right design, and the right manufacturer were just steps along the way to creating the E-Sill Infinity.

We want to hear about how you use your E-Sill so don’t be shy – send us an email, photo, whatever.

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While we love the Earth we hate spam so don’t worry – we will never sell, trade, rent or otherwise pass your contact information to anyone else. So sign up with peace of mind.

Introducing e_Sill® – a revolution for Smartphone, Tablet and E-Book users

Announcing the NEW e_Sills®

- Easy on your eyes
- Easy on your device
- Easy on your budget
- Easy on the environment

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